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Apple Supports Fast Wireless Charging For New iPhone Phones With Latest Version Of IOS

With iOS 11.2 for Apple smartphones, Apple quietly enabled the wireless charging feature with 7.5 “Qi” handsets on the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 and iPhone 10, compared to the 5 devices that were installed on the devices after launch. Using the trial version of IOS 11.2 and the Boost Up wireless booster from Belkin, MacRumors reported that it had shipped between 46 and 66 percent less than 30 minutes after shipment. The newly supported 7.5 watts are still small compared to [...]

How to choose the right phone for your iPhone

Apple sells eight different models from its flagship iPhone phone, from the small iPhone SE to the top and most expensive phone available from iPhone X, which puts consumers at a disadvantage about which iPhone phone to buy. To what the consumer wants, what he will spend and what he expects from his iPhone. In this brief report, we try to help the consumer by answering several questions such as: Do you need the best phone? Do you prefer small screens? And [...]