The first mobile in the world uses Twitter


The first mobile in the world uses Twitter

Connie, a global leader in the elevators and escalators sector, has introduced a new chapter for 24/7 Connected Services. After giving voice to the automated conversations between the lifts and the Watson Internet platform from IBM, Connie now combines the sound of stairs And social media.

The talk shows how the exchange of elevators to communicate with Internet servers to share details of performance and any possible problems, and offered the company’s services around the clock, which allowed the monitoring and analysis and display of huge amounts of data extracted from sensors in the elevator in real time, to improve the performance of machines and their reliability and safety.

Kony is currently adding a human touch to the escalator, which is the driving force of global cities, and how these high-performance machines can be used to transport people through the first mobile platform connected to the Twitter platform . In addition to tweets, See their personal experience with this moving ladder.

@JustAnEscalator runs on an undisclosed location in London, publishes tweets about its daily work and conditions, provides information on how to transfer data from the machine to the cloud, and how Kony can contribute to the transformation of the maintenance area by providing real-time data to customers And maintenance technicians.

“Escalators are the unknown soldier in the cities, moving millions of people every day, and they have to operate with utmost safety and smoothness. People around the world are surprised at how technology is harnessed to us,” said Max Fathan, Kony’s executive vice president of marketing and communications. Individuals and help our customers, we can use multimedia, to show how to transform the Internet, analysis and information for the field of maintenance from a normal field to an exceptional work. ”

The 24-hour services are compatible with Kony equipment and other companies. They provide safety, transparency and intelligence in elevator and escalator services. IBM’s Watson platform is used to create additional value for Kony customers, which reduces equipment downtime and crash rate and provides detailed information on Maintenance and equipment performance, which means less waiting times and a more reliable experience for elevator and escalator users.

By integrating artificial intelligence into its services, Kony combines vast amounts of data from sensors to monitor, analyze and display information in real time, and devise possible solutions to potential problems.

These services have been tested and introduced for lifts and escalators in selected markets worldwide and are expected to be completed in 2018.

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