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Step by step How to replace your iPhone 6S battery yourself

Apple has several ways to address battery problems in your iPhone, including the new Battery Health section of your phone’s settings , where users can check battery health with this setting. There are many ways to replace a bad iPhone battery, depending on the user’s physical situation and leisure time. Apple offers a battery replacement program for $ 29, which is inexpensive for iPhone 6S owners  but the user must have time to wait to replace the battery. And before thinking about the phone repair, always be sure [...]


5 ways to help you control Facebook friends list

The Facebook platform allows users to apply to smart phones many search options for friends, where users can search for anyone on the platform by name, email or phone number. By going to the Facebook Settings menu and clicking the Friends button, you will go to the Friends section of the platform where you will see: Friends The platform in this section allows you to restructure your friends list, which allows you to cancel a friendship with someone or edit your friends [...]

How to change the default messaging application in the Samsung version of the Android operating system

Samsung’s Galaxy phones are the most popular Android phones, and Samsung has its own way of changing the default messaging application on its devices. It’s very easy to change the default messaging application on the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S8 phones , but each version of phones has a different part of the settings. How to change the default messaging application in the Samsung version of the Android operating system First you will need to download another application such as Textra SMS Scroll down to see notifications. Click the Settings [...]


How to use emoticons in Chrome OS OS

If you’re having a conversation from your Chrome OS device running Chrome OS and you want to include emoticons within the conversation, fortunately, there’s an easy way to find emoticons using the virtual keyboard on your screen. How to use emoticons in Chrome OS OS  Input options The best part of this process is that it does not require you to install any extensions To get started, click the avatar in the bottom right corner of the Chrome OS interface. Click the settings icon [...]

How to connect your smartphone to your Windows 10 computer

So you can start browsing on your Android phone or iPhone and then continue browsing on your Windows 10 computer you must connect the phone with the computer. Windows 10 has a new section within the Settings tab that allows the user to connect his or her phone to the computer. The connection process allows you to send articles from your phone to your computer to finish reading them at the time you specify. Steps to establish a connection between your phone and a Windows 10 computer Go to Settings [...]

How to prevent Android phone from adding icons to the main screen

The Android system offers a lot of options to restore applications and set them up for the user. If you’re looking to set up your phone as a new one, you need to go to the Google Play Store and download apps individually and set them up from within the store. You can do this by: Go to Google Play Store. Go to Settings. Disable the option to add code to the Home screen . But with the Android Orio system , the user can stop adding icons to the [...]