5 ways to help you control Facebook friends list


5 ways to help you control Facebook friends list

The Facebook platform allows users to apply to smart phones many search options for friends, where users can search for anyone on the platform by name, email or phone number.

By going to the Facebook Settings menu and clicking the Friends button, you will go to the Friends section of the platform where you will see:


The platform in this section allows you to restructure your friends list, which allows you to cancel a friendship with someone or edit your friends list, where you can assign close friends, best friends, and many other options.


One of the best things Facebook provides is syncing your contacts. The platform lets you sync your contacts, and the sync results show you all your contacts and have an account on Facebook.

For example, the user wants to search for someone called X and has no information about how to type the name on the platform, but the user has the phone number of the person called X, the user can simply synchronize his contacts and the user’s X profile will appear.

Friendship requests

The user can view all the requests for friendship he has received, and can also take the appropriate measure to accept or delete the request.


The Facebook platform gives users the ability to search anyone on the platform by name, telephone number or e-mail.


The platform in this section provides people with friends who are friends with the user, as well as contacts.

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