How to connect your smartphone to your Windows 10 computer

How to connect your smartphone to your Windows 10 computer

So you can start browsing on your Android phone or iPhone and then continue browsing on your Windows 10 computer you must connect the phone with the computer.

Windows 10 has a new section within the Settings tab that allows the user to connect his or her phone to the computer. The connection process allows you to send articles from your phone to your computer to finish reading them at the time you specify.

Steps to establish a connection between your phone and a Windows 10 computer

  • Go to Settings and select Phone.

  • Log in to your Microsoft account, and then choose Add Phone.

  • Enter your phone number and then click Send.

  • You will receive a message containing a link to install the Microsoft Edge browser on your phone, install the browser and log on to it via your Microsoft account.

  • Restart your computer, then you’ll see your phone listed in the Phone section under Settings, and you’ll see that the connection between your phone and your computer has been established.

How to share links between a phone and a computer running Windows

  • When you browse through your smartphone using the EDGE browser, click on the Share button in the middle of the menu bar at the bottom of the screen, you will see the name of your computer, click your device name and immediately open a new tab in the EDGE browser on your computer Your.

  • If you click the Read Later option, a notification will be sent to you on your computer as a reminder to read the article later.
  • To read the article from the PC, click on the New Notifications option at the bottom right corner of the computer screen, and you’ll see a section titled Continue reading links from your smartphone.

How to change the name of your computer

To change your computer device name , you must go to the settings , then turn to the system after you click on , and then choose to rename the computer device , select the name you want for your computer and then click on Next, and then restart the computer.

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