Step by step How to replace your iPhone 6S battery yourself

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Step by step How to replace your iPhone 6S battery yourself

Apple has several ways to address battery problems in your iPhone, including the new Battery Health section of your phone’s settings , where users can check battery health with this setting.

There are many ways to replace a bad iPhone battery, depending on the user’s physical situation and leisure time.

Apple offers a battery replacement program for $ 29, which is inexpensive for iPhone 6S owners  but the user must have time to wait to replace the battery.

And before thinking about the phone repair, always be sure to make a backup copy of your data before proceeding with the reform process.

General principles of reform

  • Use good lighting because the phone components are small and you will need good lighting to see what you are doing.
  • Keep your work space clean and organized so as not to lose or confuse any components.
  • Arrange your set of nails, so you can track where they came from.
  • You need enough heat to loosen the adhesive.
  • After the adhesive separation is complete, keep the screen and components of the device and cables cut off.

How to Replace iPhone 6S Battery

It is difficult to remove and replace the phone battery in the iPhone 6S  because there are many flex cable that can be easily torn, also need a customized set of repair kit.

Start the phone repair process for your iPhone

Open your iPhone

Remove the screws on the bottom of the phone.

  • You should disconnect the phone screen with absolute care.

  • Turn now to separate the adhesive from side and top.

  • The bottom side of the screen can now be pulled away from the body. The flexible cable that connects the screen to the battery will remain attached so be careful.

Separation of cables

  • Remove the screws as shown in the image.

  • Disconnect the battery from its protective shield.

  • Remove the following four screws to secure the display cable and place the shield aside.

  • You should now disconnect the camera cables as shown in the picture.

  • Remove the LCD from the phone body.

Replace the battery

  • Slide the forceps under the black sticker on the bottom of the battery.

  • Push the tip of your forceps halfway through the bottom of the battery.

  • Fold the forceps and pull the white label from under the battery.

  • There is more than one adhesive tape under the battery, follow the same steps to pull it.

  • Using the adhesive tape, replace the battery and press gently.

After replacing the battery, install the components of the phone in a way that is backwards to the right way, and you must be very careful in the process of jaw and installation.

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