The Pentagon limits the use of fitness tracking devices


The Pentagon limits the use of fitness tracking devices

The US Department of Defense has banned Pentagon soldiers and other personnel based in sensitive bases and war zones from using geographical location features embedded in  fitness andother devices because the data can determine where they are. Although the Pentagon has not issued a ban Tam on GPS devices and applications, but announced that site features must be turned off in certain areas.

The move comes eight months after a researcher discovered that the Strava’s “thermal representation map” feature revealed the location of US military installations in conflict zones, as well as some troop movements.

According to a new memo obtained by the Associated Press, these geolocation capabilities can reveal personal information, locations, movements and numbers of Department of Defense personnel, and may lead to unintended security consequences and increased risk to joint forces and missions.

The memory is required to stop the geomagnetic tracking capabilities of the equipment in sensitive or dangerous areas of operation, which could cause military personnel to be at high risk, while giving commanders in less sensitive areas the freedom to decide whether to stop the GPS by their forces at the level of Threat in their area of ​​operations.

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Army personnel use heavily fitness devices and platforms such as Strava, but the risks posed by these devices and platforms by determining the geographical location of any type of activity can pose a significant risk to military operations, and will provide the Ministry of Defense training on the risks brought by fitness devices and platforms Physical.

Department of Defense spokesman Rob Manning told reporters: “This is a step to ensure that the enemy can not easily target US forces, We must make sure that we do not give the enemy an added advantage, and that we do not pinpoint the precise location of our forces around the world. ”

“Fitbit is committed to protecting consumer privacy and maintaining data security. Unlike our smartphone, our devices do not collect location data unless the user gives us access to data, and users can always remove our access,” said Heather Pierce, a spokeswoman for Fitbit. “He said.

This is the second note on the use of mobile phones and other electronic devices issued by the Pentagon in recent months, in May issued instructions to limit the use of mobile phones and other portable wireless devices within the Pentagon, and called for a more stringent commitment to the practices in place since the period Which require that phones be left in storage containers outside safe areas where sensitive issues are discussed, with telephones in common areas and other Pentagon offices if there is no confidential information.

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