Top 5 technical trends that digital leaders should invest in 2018

Top 5 technical trends that digital leaders should invest in 2018

Digital technologies create unprecedented opportunities in all aspects of our lives, and the digital world will be impacted significantly on how companies and institutions work and achieve value in 2018.

“I am fortunate to have the opportunity to speak to the best information, technology, security and digital technology managers in our region, many of whom are leading leaders who are reshaping the business and sectors in a time of change,” says David Mids, Vice President, Middle East and Africa, Cisco. Preceded “.

“Many of the dialogues revolve around how to use technology to do amazing things that we could not have imagined a few years ago, and with the start of the new year, I feel excited to see how the 2018 process will evolve, For the past 30 years, communication has been the core of everything we do at Cisco. We connect people and devices together securely, reliably and at the highest levels of performance, but today’s communication has become a commonplace standard for everything people do. “He said.

Top 5 technical trends that digital leaders should invest in 2018 Make data work for you

In a few days, institutions collect more data than the human mind can manipulate or absorb throughout human life. We use artificial intelligence and automated learning to gather and analyze data from anywhere to help us make smarter decisions.

Change the way networks work

Networking has not changed for 30 years. Manually managing network settings requires a full IT team, but this is the year of change in this aspect, as we move from manual to goal-based.

If we think of the network as a car, there must be a driver so far, but the destination-based network is the same self-driving car, telling the destination and driving there by itself.

To say that you told the network “Create a new construction site” the network will automatically configure and connect the machines together in the right order, so that it is completely secure within a few seconds of the second instead of it takes several hours of manual labor.

Automate your personal assistant

In our modern world, we have to ask the virtual assistants to provide us with the information we are looking for so that we need to ask for information, but the situation should not continue as it is. In 2018, virtual assistants will be smart enough to know what we need before we tell them.

Imagine this: you enter a smart meeting room for up to six people, and the hall can recognize your arrival through your phone. Behind the scenes, the video conferencing tool converses with your calendar to know that you have a meeting within two minutes. The call begins at the right time. The only one in the place is a little warmer to stay comfortable.

This is the power involved in automating assistants. When all your tools can talk to each other in the background, they can do the right thing at the right time. This may sound inspired by science fiction movies but it’s already a reality, but it will become more widespread in 2018.

The need for multiple cloud structures

There is no longer talk of cloud architecture in a single format. Data and applications are placed where they perform best, and it is good to move them between cloud structures as necessary while emphasizing the importance of security in all respects.

The 2018 year will allow you to store data wherever you want without compromising any of the important aspects.

Use a special cloud structure in your data center, choose the general cloud structures from Microsoft , Amazon or Google , or use them all. Better yet, because your data will be safe, managed and aggregated effectively whether you use a single cloud structure or 100 structures.

Stabilize security in everything

In 2018, we will be able to integrate security into everything we do, and we will be able to monitor how people and things behave and learn from their patterns and receive alerts in the event of any changes.

Imagine an employee named Pam checking her email every day, using video calls and going to specific websites, but one day Pam tries to upload files to a server she has not used in two years, which is unusual. Take some data with it.

When security becomes a major part of everything, our systems will notice any change in behavior immediately, and can immediately ban and alert, helping to identify security problems before they occur, or at least respond to security breaches more quickly.

These trends are interrelated, and the companies that will prosper in the digital age are those who master all five aspects. Think of them not as separate directions, but as a digital platform and as a basis for everything you do.


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