Windows 10 continues to grow while users abandon Windows 7

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Windows 10 continues to grow while users abandon Windows 7

The operating system continues to Windows 10 , issued by the company three years ago, in achieving strong steps in terms of attracting new users away from the system Windows 7 , and at a time when the data show      NetMarketShare that Windows 10 is having difficulty bypass Windows 7, the new set of statistics Published by StatCounter claims otherwise, so that they put the latest operating systems from Microsoft in the lead position in terms of market share of Windows systems.

Data from Netmarketshare shows that Windows 10 is still behind Windows 7, but the operating system grew in July by a staggering 0.87 percent, with a market share of 36.58 percent, keeping it behind Windows 7 , Which had a market share of 41.23 percent, with the old operating system losing 0.51 percent of its users.

These figures mean that the gap between the two systems will close soon, so that the new system requires a period of four to six months to outperform the old system, and Microsoft plans to release the next version of Windows 10 in October, which may help to reduce These numbers are pretty much.

Windows-10-Windows-7-techtroly Windows 7’s end-of-service in January 2020 will force users and businesses to upgrade to Windows 10. Information suggests that the software company plans to offer a value-driven service called “Desktop as a Service” to help companies keep their devices Updated following the constant flow of complaints about Windows 10 updates.

While StatCounter data showed that Windows 10 was in the lead for July with a 0.5 percent gain, which increased its market share from 46.75 percent to 47.25 percent, against Windows 7 gaining market share. 39.06 percent instead of 39.63 percent, representing a decrease of 0.57 percent, thus, the gap between the two systems is increasing every month.

These two companies show that the newer operating system is still gaining steady gains, which is likely to continue as manufacturers tend to sell new computers equipped with Windows 10, and Microsoft continues to add more features to the operating system, making it more tempting For users, for example, the company recently began testing your Phone application , which connects the phone to the computer more.

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